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I have been a registered nurse, nurse practitioner and most importantly a patient advocate for over 20 years. I have worked in hospitals, homes and as a private consultant, always teaching patients how to speak up for themselves and to make well informed healthcare decisions that are right for them and help them to avoid all types of Medical Errors. The many things I have seen in healthcare led me write "What Did the Doctor Just Say." In it are all the steps every patient needs to take to remain safe in the healthcare system and avoid medical errors. My personal goal is help to save 100,000 people from the horrors of a medical error and I wrote What Did the Doctor Just Say? to help make that happen.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Prayer for the Gulf Is A Prayer for Your Health and Safety

The health of our world and our Dear Mother Earth is directly related to our health. Because that is true as a healthcare professional I am deeply concerned about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. What is happening in the Gulf has implications for us all. This is a very important issue for everyone on the planet Earth.
Just in terms of In terms of global warming alone, the implication and the consequences of the spill are enormous. The ocean cools the earth. Much of the ocean in the Gulf is now a black tar driveway and we all know how hot black tar is. Water meant to cool the earth is now heating it instead.
When the ocean is hotter it moves faster making for faster, bigger, stronger storms, hurricanes and tornados will increase in size and magnitude and the oil in the ocean will gush upon the land. When the air is hotter water evaporates faster, creating water shortages. Many of you don't know this but we (all over the world) are facing tremendous crippling water shortages right now without increasing the heat. The process of water evaporation will cause the rain to become oil. The rain clouds will travel and spew oil in other places around our land, in other water supplies, on our food supply and on us. The oil is also killing the algae in the water. Algae are a major source of our oxygen supply. Without them the fresh air at the beach disappears and is replaced by hot, black oil, that by the way, is combustible! The oil contains methane gas which could easily ignite in extreme temperatures creating fires on the ocean and creating smoke and fumes that would easily kill the young, the old and live stock. No this isn't a pretty picture, it is darn scary and it's horrid that we do not have a plan to correct this sort of incident when we have many other oil ridges off our shores!! As a human and occupant of the planet earth and a healthcare professional I am so sad about what is happening to our Dear Mother Earth and I am asking you to join with me and I hope millions of others in praying for the success of any and all efforts to stop the destruction of our earth and the gulf coast. And specifically I am asking you to join in prayer with us for the success of the capping efforts scheduled for tomorrow. If you choose to join with us, Thank You. And I look forward to celebrating the success of the capping efforts with you and remember the Doctor Just Said A Pray for the Earth is A Prayer for Your Health and Safety

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